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Chances are you have the most amazing inspiration in your own computer, phone or laptop. Right now. It's your most favorite (visually) online presence and/or social media sites and you need to ask yourself some super important questions, right now, about what you love and why.

Branding is about consistency, having something visually someone else (or in a successful business a whole lot of people) loves (not likes) and then delivering once you have them in your shop or biz.

Think about that... you paid for a logo, color mood board, collaborated with marketing gurus and graphics artists to get your vision of the brain and heart onto screen, paper and business card. Money, out of your pocket, just to grab the attention of one first potential customer. They see you. But, that's not enough.

Paying for someone to get to your door is just the first step. Keeping their attention is where branding and action take the lead.

It isn't enough to setup a website and cool colors and graphics, post some services and or products and done. Nope! There should be change, updates, news, sales, new loot and current services and products to offer every single day and if not, then at the very minimum every single week. 

And all of that needs to be consistently represented by your branded graphics, colors and materials. 

A client we recently spoke with had found an amazing graphic and used it as her branding guide but she only had one graphic. We recommend solving this issue by creating a mood board. Materials, colors and design and incorporate anything from the board into the representation of your business. This makes your business cohesive. Not matchy matchy, but cohesive. Its a neutral scheme with pops of two to three colors, plus design.

Example: white, gray, teal, deep blue and metallic golds and medium brown woods. Using this same example, paint walls gray with white baseboards, add art with teal and deep blue and white, add gray and white furniture and wood tables, with teal, deep blue, white and gray pillows, throws, metallic gold vases, metallic gold desk accessories, white and metallic gold picture frames and white flowers. What you don't want to do is paint every wall teal, teal furniture, teal drapes, teal pillows. You get it. It's a collage of mood.

Creativity takes courage - Henry Matisse. But you got this! To create your own mood board check out

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Tarra & Lovina



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