Facebook Ads Secret To Success...

Have you hit a dead end? No, you have not! Facebook ads are a breeze with these simple tips.

Create an amazing and BRANDED post graphic. For questions on branding, see our previous post on branding and marketing.

Post the graphic without many words on the picture itself, otherwise Facebook will throw it back to you saying there are too many words on it. Make it visually amazing. Add words such as a short and TO THE POINT title. It won't say title anywhere, just know to add one, then add some words and make it short and sweet and optimally helpful! 

Ex: post your graphic saying: My top 3 tips for small business success... (ask a question...) Have you ever wondered how successful small business owners get so many fans? They boost their posts, these are called ads! (true story)

Once you post this on your fb biz page, boost it! 

Be sure to make it particular to your customer base. Make it local to your shop or biz, age range and gender if applicable, and pay.

Now, Share your boosted post on your personal page.

Copy content and graphic and post on twitter and instagram.

Hootsuite is an excellent co. to post your content in advance. Just simply create all of your week's worth of posts and tell Hootsuite what day and time you want to create them. You can also do this using Facebook too! 

Be sure your post privacy is set to Public so your friends networks can see your posts, not just your own friends.


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