If You're The Boss, You Are In The Donuts Business...

If you're the boss, and you own a business or company, you are in the donuts business. You may not even like donuts (weird!) or you may be watching your sugar intake, but donuts, donuts, donuts...you must learn the donut business.

Let's say you have a service, and you need customers (like 75% of businesses do), and you have tried mail campaigns, postcards, website (and there's like 2 people that search engine you, and you are one of the two), and you setup social media pages and you've got 100 followers, fans, friends (and 90% of them are your friends, family, neighbors and personal network)...this sounds like donuts are going to be your greatest solution.

Here's why: most people like donuts. Most people do not like salespeople, sales, or being sold. Most people don't like being hard sold, shock-value sold, or soft sold, or even you mentioning that you are "in the biz". So how do you get people to let you approach them so they can see how sweet, kind, honest and fun you are and how your product or service is trustworthy, practical, has integrity, is cost and time effective and beats all of the competitors you can think of? The answer: donuts.

And I know what you are thinking...so you probably are scrolling right now, down to the end of my blog post...what is she gonna tell me...that I have to spend a ton of money and buy my daughter's entire school donuts. No. But close.

You need to become a well known business and human in your community. Branding yourself is a must and it can be easy with just a little cash and fun!

Here is what to do exactly, step by step.

1. Make a list of local businesses that have a staff. Include optometrists, dentists, real estate branches, school offices (staff lounges for teachers), and let's say there are 12 people in each business.

2. Hire an amazing graphics artist (ask us because we have many graphic artists that are members of Heart Entrepreneurs, win win!). Make a simple branding rack card or large flyer in a glossy heavy pound paper, with your name, logo, branding colors and graphics and most importantly, your number and email. Include something along the lines of: {Title} I am a mom, a wife and a busy boss of my company and I do not have time to be sold. So I am not going to do that to you. {Subtitle} Enjoy some FREE donuts on me! {Smaller text content} and some of my business cards. If you are interested in more visit my website, email or call me and if you are in an even more of a super hurry, feel free to text me. Thanks for any consideration! Sign it, add your picture, make it personable and make sure those graphics are amazing! 

3. Order the donuts in advance at your local donut shop so your local community gets the business and $$, and when you call you explain what you are doing. They will love your motivation and giving spirit and maybe even become interested in your business too. (Never know!) It will also make them happy you aren't walking in one morning asking for 10 baker's dozen boxes of donuts. 

4. Make it a party. Add a jug of orange juice, paper cups, napkins and also one box of breakfast blend coffee from Starbucks. They will make it in ten minutes and it is fairly reasonable price. It serves 12 and costs $25. If you have the app, even better and faster! If you need to save for this gift giving event, then purchase Starbucks gift cards in advance, put the Starbucks app on your phone and upload the cards onto your app. When you have $125 in your app, you can order about 5 boxes of coffee. Bonus! They give you cups, napkins, sugars, sweeteners, stir sticks, cup protectors and cream to go with your coffee for free! Your guests will feel super special!

5. Bring one jug of orange juice, one box of donuts, one box of Starbucks coffee, plus paperware, your business cards and one beautiful rack card and walk right in to the first business on your list. Keep going til you have dropped off at every one.

6. Signup for fairs, local vendor booth rentals, school events and the like. When people walk by your booth they will remember you and probably will thank you for the donuts, oj and coffee. Have the same setup at your booth and add bottles of water in ice, on hot days, because you're #extra and we love you that way.

7. Tell us how it is panning out for you. Did you strike gold? If you can't do 5 businesses, then do one at a time. You got this!

8. Trade graphics for your services if you can't pay cash. Ask first and it could work out to be a beautiful swap!

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Tarra & Lovina


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