We did this for our business and EVERYTHING changed...

Talk about major shifts, we actually did it, and wow did it work! Try these tips we know are achievable and real and let us know what you think!

Surveyed our audience: you hear this all the time with speaking, don't just talk, talk about what people want to know about from you. Same with business, survey your potential customer base and find out what they are wanting and needing and then do that. For us, we had an initial vision and when we finally figured out where we were actually helpful to people, our business flourished. To be exact our business fans and followers on social media increased more than 275%, email distribution lists of contacts increased 500% and our actual sales quadrupled in the last few weeks alone. 

Share the stage: we didn't think we were being SH's, but we were. Stage Hogs. Now that we are sharing the stage and our platform in the service of others, helping them rise, it has expanded our inner circle with their network and the same goes for them. We are featuring speakers, business experts, success stories and small business owners through our platform and it is growing our business as a result. Help enough people get what the want and you will be successful. Great advice from the great, Zig Ziglar.

Get out of our way: yas. By just stomping and smashing the box altogether, and then shredding it and tossing it out (to recycling, of course), we have allowed our heartstorming to begin. We are saying yes more often than no, and maybe instead of no. We are asking questions like, how can we make this work, how would this work, in what ways will this idea help others, in what ways will this provide value to our members? Well, who doesn't love a little reading time and self-development? Skin caring? Cosmetics replenishment? Beautiful packages delivered to your doorstep on repeat? Wine? And a little fun screen shopping or ordering a few cool new office decor or yoga wear pieces? We are open to manifesting our dream lifestyle in any way the universe is wanting to help us do that. In turn, we are offering MAJOR LIFE-BEAUTIFICATION to our peops, you! All of this creative energy is just spilling off of us and into our business and that, amigas, means it spills out into yours as well. WE ARE SO EAGER to help you get rid of your box and rise to the next level in your business and life and SOAR all the way to your vision of success, and BEYOND! This is our ultimate dream! To have someone come to us and say, I have learned so much and it has helped me grow and make money and help others because of Heart Entrepreneurs. 

And with that said, we want to hear more from you! Please find us on FB and PM us your thoughts and ideas. We got this far because of your needs, we hope to do more and more for you.

In Love!

Tarra and Lovina, XOXO

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