Tarra Flores Sloan with Fire Tribe Coaching

Tarra Flores Sloan with Fire Tribe Coaching Photo by Stephanie Dandini

Bio:  Tarra Flores Sloan is Co-founder of Heart Entrepreneurs Association, is a Three Time #1 Best Selling Author, certified Energy Therapist, an accredited, award winning, certified Life Coach, Writer Inspiring Lives Magazine, a licensed award winning California Realtor and serial entrepreneur of over a dozen virtual and storefront businesses. Tarra is also a wife and mother of three.

Tarra has been featured on TV, Talk Radio Shows, international best selling books (Common Threads: Empowerment, 40 and Wiser), Ardent For Life Magazine, Modern Latina Magazine, Huff Post and twice on The Business Journal, and more. Tarra has so much knowledge and experience she has been most recently nominated for an Empowering Women In Business Award with IL Magazine. 

"I love helping people, it comes natural and it feels good to be able to help. I come from a background where women were always in competition with me and it still triggers me. I keep my boundaries and give where I feel it has the most impact."

Tarra's most current project is working to provide care for Foster Youth who have aged out of the system, with Apryl Strayhand. "When the CEO of Be The Change brought to my attention a youth going through this, immediately we got to work on how we can help her. When I was 19 and alone, life was so hard. It didn't have to be. This is my next bold move."

Tarra offers Life and Business Coaching Services and Book Publishing.

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