Fire Tribe Coaching: Life and Career Shift Session (20 1-hour sessions over 3 weeks) - Heart Entrepreneurs

Fire Tribe Coaching: Life and Career Shift Session (20 1-hour sessions over 3 weeks)

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Fire Tribe Coaching

  • Consultation session via Phone or Voxer.
  • heartstorm session via phone or Voxer, identifying blocks, strategic alignment, identifying biases, level of change motivation.
  • goal setting session program, divided into two sessions if needed. An individualized program designed specifically for you to create a desired outcome. 
  • 20 Sessions, 1 hour each, create a massive shift within 3 weeks! With individual accountability and alignment meetups via Voxer
  • 30 minutes closing session, retracing beginning steps and basics, regroup for strategic planning for future.
  • May add-on branding, marketing, logo creation, branded graphics, social media graphics, professional photography, stylist, hair, makeup, web design for additional fees.

This coaching session is designed for:

  • the soulful woman who wants to get unstuck,
  • the motivated shifter, self-initiated who wants immediate results
  • someone who wants to be open to an alternate perspective,
  • dive in to herself and begin magic again like she knows she can.
  • identify blocks, release dreams, identify her "why", regroup the initial plan for life or business, action plan to get there, accountability duration of program.
  • using SMART Goals model and NLP, 1-1 coaching, doing the plan.
  • Branding, Marketing, Life Alignment, Life Organization, Life Purging, Milestones Tracking
  • 7 FREE Gifts
  • Magical Manifesting Reward System

With the ease of this program you can self-start the future any time with these made for you tools, again and again! Impact your business, create branding and marketing and ad campaigns to activate energy and create more income, attract your tribe and move forward with an action plan for your life or business.

*This is for the individual coaching, not for resale. All Rights Reserved, Fire Tribe Coaching.