Multi-functional Stainless Steel Hair-clip

  • $2.99

These multifunction Stainless Steel Hairpins are a must for preppers or those of you who love having a multifunction tool with you at all times that can perform a multitude of tasks.

It works as a hair clip so that you can have it on you at all times but that is where the comparisons with a normal hair clip end. It contains a trolley coin so you can insert it into your shopping trolley without having to go into your purse for a coin, a flat Phillips screwdriver that can be used on all Phillips screws, a large flat screwdriver, cutter, ruler, small screwdriver for those small screws and a 5/16 wrench. As it is made from Stainless Steel you can be assured that this hair clip will not bend or deform in any way no matter how much pressure is applied to it.